Big Bang painting installation

In 2003, I proposed a project to cover the outer doors of the ALICE magnet situated about 100 meters underground at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, the largest particle smashing machine in the world).  I visualized my ideas about the creation of the universe in a large painting:  Starting with the fluctuations before the big bang (left top) I illustrated the cycle from the big bang to our regular planet system which neighbors the initial chaos.

I have submitted 3 drafted proposals on paper, and than executed the selected work as a “prototype” in a scale 1 to 5 on aluminum and board. For the next months after the designed “aluminum skin” was ready I executed the work in real scale.

Location of the Installation: LHC Tunnel

Support: Aluminum and wood     

First Draft: October 2003     

Prototype (scale 1 to 5): January 2004

Installation on the Magnet Doors: September 2004

The installation was inaugurated in October 2004, during the Open Days for the CERN Fiftieth Anniversary.